Quebec City: 418 622-3677 / Toll free: 1 877 622-3677

Semi-private walking tour

Join a small group (maximum of 8 people) and discover Old Quebec with a certified guide. You will be immersed in the heart of French America. Explore the narrow streets of Québec City and discover its architectural, heritage and historical treasures.

Private tour

Private tours are ideal to whom wants flexibility. Form your own group, choose your starting point and the type of visit you want. You can also visit Quebec by car accompanied by our guide and add the option of completing your trip with an excursion to the surrounding areas.

A new thematic tour: Meet a local in the heart of French North America

We are Canadians, we are Quebeckers, we are francophones. In our veins runs the blood of our ancestors; Native American, French, British, Irish and Scottish. We are a happy mixture of all these great nations. We have an accent, l’Accent d’Amérique and we are proud of it. Our French language is alive and well, you will hear it on the streets! We are friendly, we are open to people, always have been, always will be. Come meet us on a tour, come meet a local.

You can book a semi-private tour directly on our website. Departures will be at 1:00 pm each day, from June 1st to October 15th. Private tours are available year round and you can book through the contact-us page or simply by phone (1-877-622-3677).