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Quebec, northern city!

Despite the polar cold at the beginning of the year, many outdoor activities are accessible to residents and tourists in an enchanting setting

The Carnaval de Québec (January 26 to February 11) – This history of celebrations spanning from the end of January until mid-February dates to 1894. A first snow festival was organized to warm the heart of the population during winter. Interrupted by the two world wars and the great economic crisis of 1929, the carnival resurfaced sporadically until the second half of the century. In 1954, in a way to further the regions’ economic, Québec’s business men revived the party and chose Bonhomme as representative of the event. The first edition of the Quebec Winter Carnival takes place in 1955.

The Québec International Pee-Wee Hockey Tournament (February 7-18) – Founded in 1960 by Father Gérard Bolduc, the tournament hosted 28 teams and nearly 20,000 spectators in its first edition. In 2017, the tournament had 120 teams and a little more than 10 million spectators! Father Bolduc created a success! Since its foundation, the tournament has been part of the Carnaval de Québec festivities.l

Les Glissades at 1884 – Since 1884, this slide is part of the heart of Quebec residents; probably the oldest tourist’s attraction in town! Three sliding corridors, four passengers per luge and a descent up to 45 miles / hour … chills guaranteed.

Enchantment since 1988! Skating at Palais Montcalm – Scene as dazzling as magical; the ice rink welcomes daily, from mid-October to mid-March, both beginners and experienced skaters … thanks to its refrigeration system.

In the heart of downtown! The Jamboree (March 22-25) – A structure of 29 meters high by 91 meters long, impressive is it not? Two World Cup in one place: The Snowboard World Cup and the Freeski World Cup; a spectacular event!

A unique winter experience! The Nordik Village (January 18 to March 11) – Ice fishing (in French, pêche blanche) in the Louise Bassin in the heart of the Old-Port. Enjoy eating your catch of the day at the Market Kitchen. For true sportsmen, outdoor fishing; for the more chilly, comfortable inflatable igloo, not to mention the new place for toddlers on the island of Petit Pêcheur.

The City is rich in activities that satisfy everyone’s interests.

To love Quebec is to love winter!