Quebec City: 418 622-3677 / Toll free: 1 877 622-3677

What led you to the tourism field?

I was born and raised in Québec City, where I studied and founded my family. My professional life in the world of communications and public relations was set in Old Québec for 35 years. I often used this unique city as a backdrop for corporate and intergovernmental events. This is how I came to know its resources and possibilities like the back of my hand. Since I retired, I want  to continue making people love Québec City and this is the reason why I am a local guide. Still today, I discover new opportunities. Every time, I witnessed visitors being mesmerized by the beauty and rich history of Québec City.

What do you like most about your job?

I love to show my city, speak about its people past and present, its history and contemporary challenges, the richness of its culture and its secrets…Telling anecdotes linked to a place or a building creates a solid bond to engrave memories in the mind. Yes pictures are also very useful but impressions, seasonal happenings, colors, odors and people are also markers in the stories visitors will tell their folks when they go back home. I like to think that I contributed a little bit to that.

Tourists of all age groups come from many places around the world and have multiple interests: entertainment, sports, culture, history and religious heritage, even the economy or politics to name a few. As a guide, it is a very stimulating challenge to make them discover all that and also to be attentive to their wishes. It rejuvenates my enthusiasm every time.

For seven years now, I am still passionate, as well in French as in English! Follow the guide!