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Our guided tours are provided by tourism professionnals who will ensure that you do not miss any of the most beautiful attractions of Quebec City and its surronding region. In addition to tourism services, we offer a full range of logistic services. Visit our Services page for more information.

Avenue St-Denis
Place Royale
Place Royale

Guided tours of Quebec City – Testimony

“Bonjour, my family is traveling to Old Quebec City next week arriving the evening of Thursday July 6 and departing Sunday July 9. We are 2 adults and 2 kids.


My daughter greatly enjoyed your guide Nicole when she was on a trip with her class. If you could let us know if Nicole or another guide might be available during our time in your great city. Thank you in advance for your time.”

Mrs Zemmelink

“We were very impressed with our tour guide Robert in Quebec City. Very well done and very informative.

We just received the above message from our client. You made a great impact on them, they came away with many good memories. Thank you for looking after them!!!”


Operations Coordinator, Entrée Destination

A few figures!


Canada celebrates its 150th anniversary this year,

Montreal marks its 375th year,

Quebec City is about to complete its 409th year,

Maple Leaf Tourism Services follows with its 30 years of existence!

 There will be festivities almost everywhere to highlight these anniversaries.

Many good reasons to visit Quebec City!

Maple Leaf Tourism Services



Quebec City